The concept of minimum

It’s been a while from my last post on this blog… Too much work and too few spare time :-/

However lately, I’m reading a lot! It’s much easier for me to find out the time to read an article, or source code from some project, than writing my own code… Writing good code takes actually not little time, so I thought that I can share some of my readings with the few readers of this blog. Better than nothing, isn’t it?

So, let’s start with this old article from Dr.Doobs I just finished to read. I would never thought that a so simple question about implementing the min and max C macros using C++ templates would require such a long answer (and code).

Even though lately I’m starting to think not-so-good about C++ (but this is not the post to talk about this), I find this kind of problems so mind teasing.

And also… look at the author of the article! Yes, it’s him :)