UpNotifications for Jawbone UP24

UPDATE: Google has changed a how the app should ask for the READ_SMS, RECEIVE_SMS permissions. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to update UpNotifications and this resulted in the app being removed from the Play Store. I’m leaving here a link to the APK for anyone who’s interested in trying out the app. Just keep in mind that I won’t be able to provide any support.

UpNotifications APK Download


After my last blog post on UP24 Reverse engineering I received a lot emails about the Android application I wanted to write for myself to receive notifications on the jawbone up24 band.

During the last month I found the time to write such app and release a demostration video of how it works.

First release

Time has come to make this application publicly available, and here you can have it for just a small fee that will allow me to keep the app up-to-date: Download UpNotifications for UP24.


  • Official UP Application
  • An UP24 band paired with your device
  • Firmware version 3.0.21 running on your band


This application has been widely tested and it is proven to work correctly; actually the author itself use this app on a daily basis to get calls and sms notifications on its wrist.

However it is important to state that this application is the result of a reverse engineering process, hence:

  • It may interfere with normal functioning of the band
  • It may drain your band battery
  • It may stop working anytime (especially after band’s software update)
  • It may not work with all band versions

Privacy Policy

Read here the UpNotifications privacy policy

Legal Notice

This product is not affiliated with, nor endorsed or licensed in any way by Jawbone. Jawbone, UP, and UP24 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Jawbone corporation. All rights reserved.

— 21/03/2015